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International Shooting Sport Federationn
The official Web Site of the ISSF the world governing body for the sport shooting


European Shooting Confederation


Deutschen Schützenbund

Willkommen beim Deutschen Schützenbund
Welcome to the German Shooting Federation

Deutschen Schützenjugend

Willkommen bei der Deutschen Schützenjugend!
Wir sind mit über 230.000 Jugendlichen im Alter bis zu 20 Jahren die Jugendorganisation des Deutschen Schützenbundes.

USA Shooting

USA Shooting is the national governing body for the Olympic shooting sports and those governed by the Internation Sport Shooting Federation (ISSF).

Cesky Strelecky Svaz

Czech Shooting Federation - CSF is a voluntary, politically independent civil sporting organization associating sport shooters and friends of the sport shooting.

National Smallbore Rifle Association

We are the national governing body for all Small-Bore Rifle & Pistol, Airgun and Crossbow Target Shooting in the United Kingdom

United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association

The governing body of IPSC practical shooting in Great Britain is the United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association, founded in 1977. The UKPSA administers the sport, sanctions graded and championship competitions, selects the National Teams, affiliates clubs, organises training and maintains discipline and rules.

Fédération Française de Tir

Le site de la Fédération Française de Tir vous informe sur l'actualité du tir en france et à l'étranger.

Australian IPSC

This is the official web site of the Australian branch of the International Practical Shooting Confederation. It is provided as a service to members of IPSC Australia and those interested in joining this great sport.

Sporting Shooters Association of Australia

There are many shooting disciplines, and not all of them are for everyone.
We have made a small list of some of the main ones. One may interest you.

Sporting Shooters Association Of New Zealand

was first established as Shooters Rights Inc by ordinary, New Zealand firearms owners as a lobbying and educational organisation dedicated to upholding the rights of law abiding citizens to own and use firearms in a responsible manner.

Swiss Shooting Federation

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